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A Walk with Granny

The Walking PartyAlex Strides OutTara Splashing 3Tara Splashing 2Tara Splashing 1Hounded across the Bann
Crossing the BannWalking TaraLocating Alex

A walk with Granny, a set on Flickr.

Some snaps taken on a wet December’s afternoon walk, Hilltown, County Down, Northern Ireland.


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Reading with Mummy

Reading with Mummy by Tom Fairfax
Reading with Mummy, a photo by Tom Fairfax on Flickr.

A rare quiet moment in Hilltown, New Year’s Eve 2011.

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At the start of 2011 I said “goodbye” to my Canon Powershot A80 camera.

I bought this in 2004, my first digital. It was an excellent little machine, producing good quality images from first to last. It had a 4.0 megapixel CCD which is currently surpassed by the phone cameras given away in cereal packets but it had a great set of lenses, which not enough people realise are actually what makes the difference. I would guess it takes better photos than the 8 mp on the iPhone… Batteries were standard AA and it could be a little slow to snap when they were wearing down.

Whilst it was/is bulkier than virtually all compact cameras made before or since, it had the massive benefit of an extending, rotating, twisting viewfinder, something I rarely see today on the compact models. The benefit of this turned out to be surprisingly large, as it frees you from keeping the camera at eye-height. This allows a wider variety of angles. It was also useful for taking candid shots as people tend to assume that if the camera is not flush in front of your face then you cannot be taking a picture. Perhaps this is how the internet up-skirt sites get their material although I cannot say that I have experimented with that aspect myself (not much, anyway).

Another reason for buying was that the controls were pretty much identical to my Canon EOS 300 film SLR that I used before going digital. The simplicity of use was great and I still find the A80 easier to use than the otherwise excellent replacement, a Canon PowerShot S95. The new camera has more functionality – I am still finding stuff it can do – but seems to be slightly harder to get at the options. Additionally, the larger A80 also benefitted me from its size, as it is easier to be fat-fingered on the S95 and accidentally hit the “replay” button whilst trying to take a shot. I wonder how much thought is put into the ergonomics by the Canon designers and whether it is tested across a range of hand sizes (at six foot two mine are pretty big, along with my other extremities – feet, nose, ears).  This is the sort of thing that we have to think of in software design, but that is another topic…

So,  farewell then, A80, faithful servant. Will post some of my favourite snaps when I get a moment…

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Xmas Eve 2011

Bag GirlStephanie's House 2Stephanie's House 1Not waving but...Cheapo Hejab

Xmas Eve 2011, a set on Flickr.

The day before the day that children traditionally eschew the toys for the cardboard boxes, hence no cardboard boxes.

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Bought a book of stamps from the card shop. Opened it up and there were two more inside. Oh, what to do, what to do….

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Hatfield Peverel July 2011

What the....?I running very very fast!Run UpLeap!George and GrandpaFly!
Wallop!Down the rampGrandmaCalm now...BotanistJulian
Practising for Singin' in the RainSteph and GeorgeDuck Food

Hatfield Peverel July 2011, a set on Flickr.

Two families both stayed overnight at Grandma’s. A selection of photos from two days…

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Fly! by Tom Fairfax
Fly!, a photo by Tom Fairfax on Flickr.

Adam and Julian, Hatfield Peverel, July 2011

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