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Space Invasion

A new girl started in Alex’s ballet class two weeks ago. She has been in tears for most of those lessons. Today as they queued, Alex stood next to her, offered to be her friend and tried to hold hands. I think that it was appreciated, although there was resistance to the hand-holding.
They seemed to stick close, anyway.
Even divesting sweaters together.
And no tears.

Well done Ally!


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Post-swim energy snacks


Not the healthiest, but certainly the most appreciated.

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IMG_0170 by trionas_gonne
IMG_0170, a photo by trionas_gonne on Flickr.

Taken by Triona (mother-in-law) four years ago. Contrast with normal Winter state experienced 2 weeks ago…

Not at Banbridge


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Look, I’ve sacked you. Well, not renewed your contract, which is the same thing. Just before Xmas, too.  Did you have a good one, without any fear?

When I left for my holiday and shook your hand, I know that I said “best of luck” and “keep in touch”, but I didn’t really mean it. You’ve had girlfriends – well, so you said – and you should really know that people say this sort of thing when they really don’t want to see someone again. Those lines are right up there with “the cheque’s in the post”, “of course I won’t come in your mouth” and “we will make Britain Great again!”

Understand: you really weren’t very good. Except at interviews. By the time you left, there were three of us correcting the work you were doing.

So, please. Grow a brain. Try and understand that your chances of re-employment are not going to be helped by making me choose whether or not to do another heartless thing that will give your flagging self-confidence a rightful kick in the bollocks.

No, I don’t want to connect with you on LinkedIn.

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An issue of height…

An issue of height... by Tom Fairfax
An issue of height…, a photo by Tom Fairfax on Flickr.

In the local park there is a small ride that looks like a bucking bronco but just spins round and round.

One of Stephanie’s favouritest games has been to hold on to the handle on the front, run around until it starts spinning then lift her feet and let the effects of centrifugal force allow her to fly.

Steph has apparently grown a few inches since her last visit. The photograph was taken after the fourth consecutive attempt to fly had once again resulted in her feet catching and her being sprawled across the recycled tyre floor.

People may think I was heartless to take the photo rather than cuddle the crying babe, however I would refer them to the phrase “fourth consecutive attempt”. I was well prepared.

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Up the Slide

Up the slide 1: the run upUp the slide 2: fight for purchaseUp the slide 3: make the handholdUp the slide 4: Mission Accomplished!

Up the Slide, a set on Flickr.

Alex spends a cold Sunday afternoon hurling herself up a slide to keep warm.

Via Flickr:
Alex experiments with alternate approaches to the established “Slide Down” orthodoxy

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What does Stephanie Like?


“Yes daddy?”

“Do you like cake?”

“No I don’t like cake any more. I like snakes.”

“Would you like some cake?”

“No. I like snakes.”

“What else do you like?”

“I like: snakes. And, green. And, I am three.”

“Chocolate cake?”



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