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Stealth Alex Sleeping

Stealth Alex Sleeping by Tom Fairfax
Stealth Alex Sleeping, a photo by Tom Fairfax on Flickr.

So I wander into the bedroom and am just about to hurl my laptop-laden backpack onto the bed when I notice a glimmer of flesh amongst the bedclothes. Alex has again crept in to the bed and is sleeping at the foot of the bed, carefully hidden amongst discarded  clothes and rumpled duvets. Quite gave me a fright.


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Stephanie Sleeps

Stephanie Sleeps by Tom Fairfax
Stephanie Sleeps, a photo by Tom Fairfax on Flickr.
As I carried Alex into her bed, I came across this littlle tableau  of somnolent elegance …

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Snow Angels in Flight

Snow Angels in Flight a video by Tom Fairfax on Flickr.

The benefits of waterproof clothing….

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Sled, workers, snowmanSnow Angel StephSnow Angel AlexAlex Goes ShoppingSteph in the snowMush!

Arctic Explorers February 2012, a set on Flickr.

The best time for snow is Sunday morning.

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Just before midnight on February 4th, using the “snow” setting on the S95.

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