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Cornwall Holiday 2012, a set on Flickr.

Well… Devon…

Note the hair:

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Two seconds later and…

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The constant rain has clearly got to Alex as she sleeps beneath her Moshi Monsters umbrella. Steph, meanwhile, eschews duvets and pillows.

All the Bunnies by Tom Fairfax
All the Bunnies, a photo by Tom Fairfax on Flickr.

Ludicrously cute.

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Wee Ones On the Wii, a set on Flickr.

We own about three Wii games, of which, “Dora Saves the Snow Princess” gets played. Stephanie is a bit too young for it still but is keen to be involved.

An update to this post.

Since writing my original post I have had the joy of just missing a train (thanks, London Underground) with the next one delayed. The train I missed was the 19:15 on a Friday night, hence the busiest time of the week.

Having the chance to look around was good, the new fast food options are interesting, if expensive. I had to fight the impulse to tuck in to sushi, felafel or tacos that I didn’t actually need.  The pub has a good choice of beers and food but has been built with an absolutely lethal step down as you approach the bar. I cannot but think that the likelihood of a handful of drinks going flying most nights is high.

Otherwise, the experience was exactly the same as waiting for a delayed train in a building with a less-gorgeous roof.  One new observation: a welcom addition to the range of services available would be a chiropractor or masseuse. Half an hour of staring hopelessly at the really quite high departure boards doesn’t half take it out on you.

And the final thing on the wish list?  Trains with toilets that do not flush straight onto the tracks.  Before summer, please.