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The nearest coffee shop to our house is Hot Numbers. I’m told that this is the go-to venue for the  coffeescenti of Cambridge, a group that would not usually include myself.

I went a couple of times just after it first opened and was under-impressed by the prices, selection of food and once the attitude of one of the serving staff.  Since then, the major thing that has changed has been myself, in that I no longer drink buckets of foamy espresso-tainted milk laced with sugary additives designed to make them taste like anything except coffee. Anybody seen Caffe Ritazza’s Caffe Tiramisu, for example? I couldn’t find a link for their latest, which is Apple Pie flavoured latte.

Anyway, Stephanie’s granny took her to Hot Numbers recently and Stephanie was enthused by the babychino [sic] offerring so asked to go and visit it today.

Flyer 2

I found it an interesting place to visit, although it’s still pricey. I didn’t actually see any prices displayed so cannot confirm the true whack and I have a slight suspicion that the server double-charged me for one coffee, but roughly “50% on top of Costa prices for a similar order” would not be far off.  The food selection had improved and the Chelsea buns were tasty, sourced from Fitzbillies (who made our wedding cake, back in the day but have since gone out of business and re-opened). It would be good if they could look at sourcing buns etc from The Norfolk Street Bakery as well.

Fitzbillies Chelsea Buns

Entering the place just ahead of us was a family who had collected their teen daughter from some sporting event and had parked the large new BMW outside. She was dressed in Perse School kit, which gave a hint as to their affluence as if the enormous BMW had not Earwigging on their conversation I was struck by the fact that they had actually driven to Hot Numbers specifically, so the place is doing not too badly. I also noticed that the cafe had a pair of NACSound Sonance Omni speakers out front (along with brochure). These speakers actually retail for more than the value of my car, although you’d be hard pressed to find a price quoted for them. Somewhere between £1,000 and £3,000 depending on the source.

Serious Audio

Comfortably settled inside…

Service for Steph

… I noted many more similarly well heeled looking people discussing businesses, plans and so on. There are a few little businesses clustering in this area now and we also have the Microsoft research lab just opened about 5 minutes walk away, down by the station. Lloyds of London started through people meeting in places like this (although presumably with less impressive audio hardware). There’s hope for us yet.

Coffee House Cambridge

Speaking as a reasonably affluent middle class individual, we’re well served for food in this odd little micro-domain within 10 minutes or so walk of our house. This has also been recognised by the Guardian. I made a map based on our own eating out experiences.

Sometimes it’s nice to live around here.


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