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Presidents Day weekend in the United States and we get some upsetting news about the death of a colleague whilst out hiking in the mountains.

Kate Matrosova was one of the primary users of the IT system that I manage. I never met her in person and was of help to her a couple of times. According to my colleagues in New York she was kind, sociable and popular, fairly new in the job. If the news reports are accurate she simply made a bad decision to go hiking alone as a vicious storm hit the North-Eastern USA.

Whilst trying to find out what had happened, I came across two reports: this one from Bloomberg. and this one from the (Daily) Mail Online. As these stories are usually taken down after a while I thought I would save the presentations.


KM_Bloomberg Report


Compare and contrast with The Mail, who lead by  commemorating her main achievement in life: marrying someone who works at J.P.Morgan…


(For those outside of banking, a Vice President at an American bank is generally anyone that has been there for around 5 – 10 years. Figures are hard to come by but 30% of permanent staff is a reasonable guess. Oh, a “$1 million apartment in Midtown Manhattan” would be about 1 bedroom. We have more expensive two-storey terraced houses in the street next to ours.)

Anyway, the Mail couldn’t help notice she was a good-looking blonde, hence her life is illustrated with lifted Facebook images, alongside the Mail’s business as usual “disturbing pictures of a Lolitaesque Selena Gomez”. I’m not sure who Selena Gomez is.



So farewell then Kate. Well done you for snagging a nice husband.


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